About Sixo Media.

Sixo Media consists of a group of digital marketing and web design experts working on the cutting edge of understanding what works for businesses today online.  We're genuily passionate about our industry and work hard to master the craft of building beautiful websites that don't just look good but also serve a purpose to generate leads, sales and exposure.

Make Money, Save Time.

The digital world changes at a rapid pace and everyday we are forced to problem solve.  Sixo Media was built on the foundation to help create beautiful websites that do more then just look good.

We've always believed it's important to have a sexy looking website but if people can't find it online we believe it's been a waste of time or money creating it.

We are digital marketers.   If you're looking for a cookie-cutter solution, we're not the answer.  All of our services are custom built and tailored to meet your companies needs. Our goal for you is to always get your phone ringing and we won't waste time trying to sell you on features you don't need.  With every new client we take a detailed approach to determine what works best and within their budget.

We are constantly evolving and learning everyday to stay ahead of the curve.  Google's algorithm gets smarter all the time so our staff continues to educate and learn to ensure everything we do is built to be viable in the future.

We are scattered all across North America.  Developers, designers, writers and marketers work together to bring you a team that works 24/7 to keep your project on track.

What are you waiting for?  Let's start working together today.