Better Ask Rille

One of the premier fitness advisors in the Grande Prairie area already, Justin Rille hired Sixo Media to create a site that would allow him to expand his sales from his local gym to an online training and nutrition program.  Not every program is created the same and Justin provides the right advice to his clients that can help all individuals meet their goals and specific needs.  If you're looking for an awesome opportunity to get back in shape, lose weight, or train for a fitness comp look no further then Better Ask Rille.


E-Commerce Web Design

Having waited long enough for a website, Better Ask Rille hired Sixo Media  to put build them one after waiting months for another company to finish.

A well respected Fitness adviser and trainer in the Grande Prairie area, Justin has been working with countless individuals and felt a website would provide a better opportunity to expand his services.

We provided a simple solution for his training and nutrition programs. Visitors are now able to visit his website and sign up for a term commitment in either fitness, nutrition or both.  All transactions are started on his website, then handled through Paypal.

The fitness world is an extremely popular niche on social media so it made sense to make use of Justin's already large (and growing) Instagram account.  Visitors would be able to follow workout tips, techniques and some humor through his website from social media.

Still today, Sixo Media is still working on building more to this website as we are in development of a membership area for him.  This area will provide special access to clients and visitors looking for all the best advice for fitness and nutrition.

Fitness Web Design in Grande Prairie