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Grato Coaching

March 15, 2020

The Challenge

Time. Heather from Grato Coaching came to us with the urgency to have a website built with the ability to accept transactions for events in under 14 days as her first event for her new business was coming up by the end of the month. She needed the ability to accept payments online and needed it quickly.

The Goals

Provide a mobile friendly website
Accept payments online for booking events
Have it completed in under 14 days.

Grato Coaching Mockup

Our Solution

The moment we got word on the urgency of this job the moment we got started working on completion of it. In a lot of cases the biggest hold up of any website completion is content. Thankfully Heather at Grato Coaching had everything she needed ready and in under 7 days we had a fully functional and mobile friendly website that not only looked great but it came equipped with the ability to accept transactions for the events she was hosting.

Heather is an inspirational figure in the Grande Prairie area and provides coaching for women to help with their businesses, meet their goals and of course exceed them.

How It Was Completed

As mentioned because most of the content and photos were provided it was very simple for us to finish the job in under 7 days. The biggest challenge was setting up the shopping cart to receive the event transactions and payments but once that was complete along with installation of an SSL certificate we were off and running.

A few simple things we’re provided on our end, Heather took care of the rest.

  • Website Cloud hosting and domain management
  • Office 365 Email setup and management
  • Mobile friendly website with the ability to receive payments through payment processor Stripe
  • Recommendations on a third party booking option that integrates with personal calendar.

Grato Coaching Screenshot

The Result

Not needing much else Heather’s website at Grato Coaching has provided a solid base for her ability to provide her clients/students a place to submit information and payment for her monthly events. The ability to stop tracking multiple e-transfers and other payment transactions and one place to accept payments has made it easier to schedule and plan events. We look forward to seeing what the future brings for her and the women she is coaching.