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The Keller Walker Real estate team specializes in real estate in the small community of Camrose and it's surrounding area.  With the real estate industry shifting more and more todigital marketing, the Keller Walker team provides an easy way to find and sell your home online.
web design for Camrose Real Estate Company

Keller Walker Real Estate was designed to meet a need in the Camrose market.  The initial step was to build a website with integrated MLS® listings and provide easy use for visitors to submit requests for information.

Initial Website Design

The website was designed with two goals in mind.  The first was to provide a layout that was easy to access no matter what device was being used. With the help of Wordpress and Twitter Bootstrap, a mobile friendly design was born.

Mobile Friendly Design For Walker Keller

The second step in the equation was to build sustained website growth through proper white hat marketing techniques. With the real estate industry, search engine ranking can provide one of the bigger challenges to push your website to the top.  After 6 months of outreach, onsite optimization and backlinks being built the Keller Walker team hit the first page organically and within Google Maps.  A nice influx of traffic led to more leads filtering through to the website.

Search Engine Optmization Results with Keller Walker

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