Quick Lane Trader Ridge

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Quick Lane Trader Ridge

April 6, 2020

The Challenge

A sub company of Windsor Ford, Quick Lane Trader Ridge is looking for more exposure to the local community

The Goals

- Create a new website to cut down expensive third party providers.
- Enhance reach and presence on Google Maps.
- Integrate email marketing and Facebook Ads for better brand exposure.

When the new Windsor opened up on the north end of Grande Prairie it also opened the doors to a new entity to their business. For years almost all oil changes, lube, alignments and more were done apart of the service department in the old building but with the new location it gave birth to the second Quick Lane in Grande Prairie, this time located on the north side of the building. Now, oil changes are done typically in under an hour but the best part is the ease of use and state of the art facility and technology that helps keep the Quick Lane ahead of the rest of the lube bay’s in Grande Prairie. Here’s how we are continuing to help.

The Quick Lane Trader Ridge Web Site

Quick Lane Trader Ridge

Originally upon opening a third party provider was being used to provide the basis of their online presence. The issue with a lot of these providers is the lack of attention to detail when it comes to the business itself. Managing hundreds of Quick Lane’s is not an easy task but sometimes replicating the same data over and over doesn’t reach customers the right way.

What we ended up doing was taking full control of the Quick Lane website and have now started our own local content strategy to not only help with organic rankings but to enhance their presence on the local Google My Business map rankings. What a lot of business owners don’t realize is just how complicating local SEO can be and the first piece to solve this is complex puzzle is creating a properly optimized and relevant website.

With a solid supporting content strategy that we’ve just started we’re already starting to see results.

Maps Rankings

There is a lot of marketing companies and freelancers alike marketing Google My Business today. Rightfully so, GMB attributes for over 65% of most local search volume so if you’re not in the three pack for your niche then your missing out on the majority of client aquisition.

The secret, and perhaps what most marketers forget to mention, is how complex local rankings can be. Today, Google shows you results based on your proximity, prominence and relevance to the query.

We started working on Maps rankings this past month (it’s April, 2020) and the image below will show you exactly what we’re referring too. In the image on the left you can see we are ranking in 2nd place for their the query with the most volume. We expect to be here as this is pretty much the location of the business. The company ranking first…just south of the Quick Lane location and has been in business for a long time and has had their brand prominence scattered across the web for years…not months like Quick Lane.

Local SEO With QuicK Lane Trader Ridge

No one should expect to steal map rankings over night. With the Google alogarithm relying heavily on the three factors mentioned above there’s a strong chance that while you may rank #1 when you’re searching inside of your business it’s very unlikely you won’t see the same when searching that same query on the south-side of Grande Prairie.

Our goal here is to provide prominence to Google to show that YES we are relevant based on the users proximity. Our first run involved creating some content on site and off based around GEO locations in the city of Grande Prairie. You can see from the results (albeit small) we have had a pretty drastic impact on the areas we started targeting.

You can see from these GPS nodes on the right side that a few runs have increased our rank almost entirely across the city. We dropped one or two spots in a few locations but as we create more content and runs to the Quick Lane GMB and website we expect to eventually start climbing and show green in most of these nodes.

Our end goal here is to try to rank in the top 3 on this entire spread of Grande Prairie. We’ll post updates here as we continue to improve our rankings.

Social Content

Video and photography has been a new portion of our business thanks in large part to the increasing need for it. A business without video today is missing a lot of opportunity for brand exposure on both Facebook and YouTube. Our social campaigns have been small as we work to grow the Quick Lane Trader Ridge online. While the Maps and organic SEO rankings are the primary focus we have sprinkled in some contests and video to enhance the Quick Lane brand but also to help differentiate it from the other location on the West End.

Google AdWords

To top it off we have small campaigns running for Quick Lane Trader Ridge in Google Ads. We are targeting the majority of the search terms we expect to rank for in both organic and maps. Our goal with any digital marketing campaign isn’t to offer one service here and there but we often try to suggest taking a wider approach and having us work as your “marketing company“. SEO and Maps campaigns take time so supplementing them with Google Ads and paid social media campaigns will have you generating leads while we build your brand’s prominence and cement your rankings in Google.

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