Westnorth Realty

Westnorth Realty is a brokerage situated in Western Canada that helps businesses and potential business owners the opportunity to buy, build, develop or lease commercial real estate (most notably convenience stores, car washes and liquor stores).  They also provide employment opportunities and help their current business owners provide reliable staffing and people for each site location.


Website Design

One of the first steps we took when hired from the Westnorth Realty group was to build out a simple site displaying what they offered.  What started with a simple brochure style website transitioned into adding a few more features as the work continued.

Along the way we provided some content marketing to the website in order to help build relevance in it's niche.  The content included some industry news as well as some simple how to guides, tips and tutorials on what it takes to run a successful car wash/convenience store business in today's day and age.

The Westnorth website was built around a changing philosophy in the oil and gas sector, especially fuel stations.  Today, more then ever stores and locations are pushing to provide cleaner and greener solutions to site locations which is what the focus is for Westnorth Realty's newest stations.

Armed with that information we built out a website with information provided around a green colour scheme to help portray the message.

An addition to the website was eventually added when we added in the ability to integrate job postings in the industry on the website.

Website Design for Westnorth Realty
social media adveritising for Westnorth Realty
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facebook advertising

Social Media Advertising

Following the launch of the website the company then hired us for a brief campaign to generate new leads for potential hires for a handful of new stations opening up across Western Canada.

With a quick turn around time we begun our process of split testing the ads across multiple images, demographics and targets.

Despite the short turn around time we managed to generate 100+ leads (for under $1 each) in 28 days resulting in a huge influx of potential hires for their new locations.

A small 28 day campaign that resulted in enough new contacts for the year.