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Windsor Ford

April 2, 2020

The Challenge

A massive ongoing project that has us working full time as their digital provider. Windsor Ford needed an enhanced website and social presence to adapt to the changing needs of an auto dealership.

The Goals

- Update the exisiting website to be more user friendly, faster and ultimately convert more.
- Enhance their presence on social media.
- Content creation and digital advertising on YouTube, Facebook and Google Ads.

One of the oldest and longest standing businesses within the city of Grande Prairie, it was and is quite a privilege to continue to work on this project.  This project involved more than just a website as the goal was to bring their digital marketing in house and closer to their business.  Learn about what we did below…

Windsor Ford Website Mockups

Home Of Canada’s Largest Ford Dealership

In 2016 there was a vision and a need for Windsor Ford in Grande Prairie to continue to expand and grow.  A family owned business for over 60 years right here in Grande Prairie, Windsor Ford moved into their previous location over 40 years ago and continued to grow making way for a new dealership which ended up being Canada’s largest Ford Dealership.  Windsor Ford offers an easy going and no pressure experience when buying or servicing your vehicle.  This is the journey and ongoing work with them.

The Work Sixo Media Has Done

As a full timer with the company there is lots to showcase and a lot to write about with everything we’ve done. We came on board right around the time the dealership moved into the new facility so we were able to jump on the incredible marketing potential it had. The old building had a lot of history but the new state of the art facility is light years ahead of what Windsor had in the past and what most other dealerships currently see in Grande Prairie today. If you’ve seen anything Windsor Ford related in the past two years it’s been produced by us.

The Website

One of the primary focuses for any car dealership is their website. In this day and age research on purchasing a vehicle, servicing or needing parts is all started online so having a well functioning and designed website is important. The issue I typically see with dealership websites is they feel like that flyer you see get in the mail every month covered in advertising.

I’ll be honest…for some people it may work but for me having a simple clear call to action for vehicles seems much more important.

With the takeover of the website we worked to increase the presence of the websites call to actions by providing easy to use buttons, automatic tools for trade in appraisals, as well as easy to find navigational elements like click to calls, emails and more. Since redoing the website the results have been outstanding as the business is generating more leads, more calls and ultimately more sales with the website playing an important role in all this.

Social Media & Content

We continue to produce content on a regular basis. The car industry is unique and it typically involves the buyer spending 3-7 times researching a vehicle or coming back to the business to research some more. Content is always important but quality content that provides a fun and relaxing feel to the business we’ve found has helped.

Not many people like buying cars, they feel pressured when walking into a dealership and more so as it’s one of the biggest expenses you’ll have in your lifetime. I’ve found a lot of people don’t trust the automotive industry so part of our message is trying to be as transparent as possible and making the buying experience fun and enjoyable, a lot of which comes from providing a personal and friendly experience on social media channels.

One of our most recent (and favourite) spots was the March Madness commercial we shot in under an hour at the dealership. Tell us what you think of it?

Paid Campaigns, Social and PPC

On top of all the above we continue to create content, shoot pictures and have provided paid advertising options for Windsor Ford.

Social Media

Anyone who has a social account and a business profile can run paid ads on Facebook and Instagram…part of the journey in the car buying experience is re-targeting ads. We’ve taken Windsor Ford’s car inventory and pushed it into Facebook as part of a catalog, from their it’s a matter of leveraging the Facebook pixel to re-target shoppers with new incentives, discounts and more that they may not see if they don’t go back to the website.


We took over the Google Adwords account and immediately improved upon the keywords we were targeting but also improved the brand reach for the business. Ads alone have contributed to a 30% increase in their calls and lead volume from online and in store foot traffic.

Want To Know More About Windsor Ford

As the premier car dealership in the city, Windsor Ford is (in our opinion) the place to shop for new or used vehicles. They also have one of the largest parts department in the nation as well as the biggest state of the art service facilities in Western Canada. Even if you don’t buy I’d highly recommend coming in to see the dealership in person at:

Windsor Ford
10001 139 Ave
Grande Prairie, AB
T8X 0V3
(780) 532-9550