Simple, Affordable
Done For You Websites

Whether you're a startup or a small business sometimes spending thousands and thousands of dollars just isn't in the budget to get your brand online, at Sixo Media we're here to help with our pre-made search optimized websites.

Why Choose A Pre-Made Website?

Not every business has the capital to spend multiple thousands on websites.  Our pre-made websites we're built for the sole purpose of  helping startups get their brand online and for companies who would rather invest money into marketing their website so it can become the lead generating machine it's designed to be.

All our pre-made websites come at the low cost of $497!  That includes the design along with the hours we spend setting it up on our server (or yours).  No BS!  You'll still need to consider things like a domain name, webhosting, email etc (we can help with this to) when getting your site online but we find it hard to believe you'll find a cheaper option out there.

If you have your content, photos, and logo ready we can suggest your website will be up and running in under 7 days time, even quicker if everything is done.  In most scenarios working with agencies (our's included) on custom designed projects you may end up being months before you see a finished product.  With our pre-made sites you'll be online with a beautiful site quicker then you can imagine.

We'll only provide the bare essentials needed to get online.  If you want to let us handle everything from top to bottom for your website we can provide that to.  

Have Your Website Online In Under A Week

Tired of the never ending delays typically associated with web site creation?  We are to!  Today we're here to offer you some help with our ready-made websites that can be setup and installed in under 7 days (some conditions apply). Our Done For You Websites are created specifically for those who want something done quickly, efficiently and affordable.

A typical custom design could potentially cost you anywhere from $5000 and up depending on who you ask, our ready made templates are designed to be affordable, efficient and quick.  For a one time fee of $497 you will get any of the designs below customized to meet your needs, that includes changes based on your colour selection as well as inserting content, images etc.  We even include our awesome onsite optimization (for Google) free of charge.  Some of our clients have ranked first just with that!

Ready to get started?

Browse the available designs below, click one of them to see what it would look like if it was your website.  Once your satisfied with your selection fill in the form below to get started.

Please Note:  If your requirements include things like a shopping cart, bookings, real estate listings or other additional features please add this into the form below.  Additional charges may be required for extra and more complex features.


Ready To Get Your Website Online Today?

We're excited that you feel the same need to have a presence online.  All of our done for you web design can be custom tailored to meet your needs with the options below.  Why not save money on the design and instead focus on allowing us to help it become the lead generating machine it was meant to me?

Start today by filling out the form below and a representative will follow up with a simple email or phone call (if you leave your number) to get started based on the options you select.