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We’re so confident you’ll love our new design for your website that we will design you a custom mockup of your new website before you sign or pay anything. If you like the design, we can then move forward in working together. If not, there are no hard feelings and no further obligations. Keep reading to find out exactly how it works.

How It Works

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Getting Started....

Your free mockup offer starts when you fill out your contact form at the bottom of this page. Within 24 business hours we typically respond via email or phone to request a follow up consultation so we can learn more about your website needs. An important part of the process this will help us gain a sense of your projects scope so we can give you a proper estimate.

Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation typically will take 15 minutes and we will ask you a series of questions regarding your business and your goals for the website.  Key functional requirements, your timeline and any other important considerations that will affect your project.

We Send You A Proposal

Following the initial consultation we will send a proposal for your project.  This includes services and the features required for the website as well as a general timeline for the project.  If the quote and proposal works out we move forward with the Free Mockup, at this point no money has been exchanged and nothing needs to be signed.

Website Questionnaire

At this point we send you a details questionnaire to get a complete sense of the vision you have for the website.  This includes things like fonts, colors, links to websites you like and other elements you would like to include.

FREE Mockup

After all the feedback from the questionnaire we will send you a Mockup of the homepage for your new website.  The mockup is just a preliminary draft and should you work with us on the project you have ample opportunity to revise the design until it's how you like it.

Agree To The Proposal Or No Hard Feelings

If you like our mockup and want to work together a down payment on our existing quote must be made.  If it's not what you're looking for there is no obligation or hard feelings.

The only caveat is you would have no legal right to the use of the mockup design we made and could not use it for your website without full compensation.

What's Included In This Offer?

✔ FREE Website Mockup - No obligation.
✔  FREE Domain Registration upon proposal/quote commitment.
✔  FREE Web Hosting for 6 months with proposal/quote commitment.
✔  FREE Website Maintenance for 6 months with proposal/quote commitment.
✔  Up To $150 in Adwords Credits for any PPC campaign Signed With Us.

What Clients Are SAYING...

Dayle Sheehan

"Darren did an amazing job of developing and updating my website. He made sure my site was fully functional on both a computer and mobile device, which was very important to me. He was professional and responded quickly to all of my questions and concerns. I enjoyed working with him and I highly recommend his services."

Dayle Sheehan

Dr. Wilhene Zwanepoel

Thank you Darren and Sixo Media for a FANTASTIC job. I highly recommended them.

Dr. Wilhene Zwanepoel

Alex Skinner

Can't express how wonderful it was to work with Darren and his team at Sixo Media. When we set out to find a company to build us a website our initial thought was to use a web design company or a monthly subscription like Wix. Having come across Sixo Media by visiting an ad I was impressed with their work and scheduled a simple 15 minute call from the website. I was a little concerned with my deadline approaching to have my project completed but after speaking to Darren all my trepidation disappeared. The first website mockup was done in two weeks and eventually the website was completed in just under a months time. Had I gone with a monthly service and done it myself I may still be trying to get it up and running but with Sixo Media's expertise I was happy to be up and running online in under a month. Not only did the website look great but it also ranked on the first page of Google after a few weeks following the launch. Will definitely work with them again and have already asked about future marketing packages to get our website to become to marketing tool we need.

Alexander Skinner