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Feature rich and affordable digital solution for users who don't know anything about websites or simply just don't have the time! 

How Our Managed Website Service Works.

In the past to get your website online you would hire an agency/designer, pay them a lump sum and then set and forget.

Today websites are a driving force for customers and a companys biggest brand identifier online. If you're serious about your business it's important to have a website that looks good, is mobile friendly, converts visitors and is continually updated.

Options like Wix, Squarespace, and Shopify exist to create a website with ease. While they are great tools you still have to find the time to learn how to build, maintain, secure and market your website.

Our goal at Sixo Media is to take all that away, give you the beautiful website you desire that is mobile friendly and more importantly, is built to be "loved" in the eyes of Google.

While website builders like the above are great for creation they lack a lot of the important features required to be successful in most digital marketing campaigns.

Book a call with us to learn more about this or simply get a free, no obligation quote to learn how our managed web team can be put to work for you.

Save time with managed websites

What's Included With Managed Websites?

Sixo Media is proud to provide a simple and elegant solution for businesses that don't want to worry about their website.  From start to finish we will take care of everything for you. That doesn't mean your website will come with the bare fact it's the complete opposite.  All our sites are fully capable of outshining your competition through beautiful design and Google rankings.

Website Management

We realize owners want changes on their website..and why wouldn't they? It's their business! Email us your changes no matter the time of day and we will happily update them free of charge.

Web Hosting

Website hosting can get incredibly complicated and it's hard to choose the right one with so many available.  We will host your website on the cloud and make sure it's stable, secure and always up.

Mobile Optimized

Google has recently shifted to a mobile first algorithm. Your site needs to be mobile friendly, thankfully all our sites are built with mobile in mind and your visitors will thank you for it.

Domain Name Setup

We will happily register and renew your domain name (.com) and point it to your host and use our CDN (content delivery network).  Our CDN helps increase speed and provides a robust security solution.

Email Address

We host all of our email through the robust Microsoft Office 365 Exchange servers.  Every managed hosting account get's one business email, additional addresses are charged at a per user rate.

Google Optimized

Every website comes fully designed and structured so it is "loved" in the eyes of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.  Our on-site optimization will leave a strong foundation for organic and maps ranking.

Analytics Setup

Every site comes setup with Google Analytics.  Analytics provides a strong and robust set of data so you can know how many people are visiting your website, who they are and where they come from.

Conversion Optimization

To many websites lack a clear call to action ultimately leaving their visitors with no action to take.  All our websites are custom tailored to work with your business to provide a simple and clear action to take.

Social Integration

Social media is a powerful influence in today's digital world.  Our managed websites will not only provide social media sharing and integration but also Facebook pixel setup and tracking.

Premium Plugins

Every site is built on the popular WordPress framework and comes fully equipped with access to all of our premium plugins and agency licenses.  This alone can save thousands of dollars per year on software and license renewals.

Blog Content

Google loves fresh content.  We know business owners don't have the time to write blogs so we'll do it for you!  Every month you can expect 1-2 blogs posted on your website relating to your business niche.

SSL Certificate & Install

Google has shifted to showing preferred results to company websites that have a SSL encryption enabled.  As the web shifts to a more secure solution you can rest easy knowing your data and visitors are protected.

Let's Chat About Your Marketing Needs

Request a FREE consultation by booking a call so we can show you how we can grow your business.

Marketing Services

If you're serious about generating revenue from your website then we recommend adding one of (or all) four options below to your managed website plan.  Sixo Media can help you generate more leads and provide you with a website that doesn't just look pretty but one that gets results.  Book a time for us to call or request a quote to get started.

Advanced SEO
Starting at $499/month

We'll optimize keyword rankings, increase your traffic and generate leads the right way with our advanced SEO.  Our goal is to get your website to outrank and outperform your competition.

Social Advertising
Starting At $249/Month

Getting started with Social Media advertising is easy...creating a successful campaign is not.  Through robust sales funnels, re-marketing and landing pages that convert our campaigns will bring a wealth of new leads.

Google Adwords
Starting at $350/month

Businesses just beginning in Adwords often spend more money (with less results) then they need to. Our goal is to create a scalable campaign for your business. Adwords is the best choice to generate leads right now.

Google Maps Ranking
Starting at $499/month

If you're a local business and not leveraging Google Maps/My Business optimization you're missing out on potentially hundreds of customers. We'll push you into the top 3 and in conjunction with our Advanced SEO have you covered on the first page of Google.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know before getting started with our Managed Website Solution.

All our managed website solutions start at $249/month. For most small businesses this will cover everything you need. If you've got more enhanced requirements (like online bookings, real estate listings, ecommerce etc) you'll be looking at our Website Plus ($349) or Ecommerce ($499) packages.

None!  That being said for more advanced features required in a website (like real estate listings, bookings etc) there might be an extra cost to develop or license.  Regardless we will never charge you before adding it to your bill.

The fixed monthly pricing includes everything you need for a website. This includes a custom designed mobile friendly website (with as many redesigns as you want), basic SEO, onsite optimization, website hosting, domain registration and management, security, backups, and 1 hour of support per month.

You get one business email on Microsoft Exchange, additional addresses are charged at a per user base.

There are no contracts meaning you can cancel at anytime.  If you've been with Sixo Media for twelve consecutive months or more and you decide to cancel we will provide you with your website content, blog articles, graphics and HTML/CSS.  We do not provide any underlying WordPress theme code nor access to any of our premium plugins/licenses.

We're happy to provide advice on how you can manage all this in house but we suggest staying with us to avoid the extra fees.

Unfortunately though after subscription cancellation your services will be taken offline.  We take great pride keeping all of your data and information backed up on our cloud servers and they will be saved up to 6 months should you choose to subscribe again.

Yes!  Feel free to cancel at anytime.  There are no cancellation fees or penalties with your request.  If canceling half way through your billing cycle your subscription will remain active until the end unless otherwise requested.

Yes, if you no longer are interested in using our services or support please contact us to discuss pricing.

As every client is different and unique so to is the buyout process. Please contact us to get started.

Typically your website will be online in 4-6 weeks.  Some sites may take longer depending on the complexity as well as the amount of revisions/changes that may be needed.  We always recommend to push your site live as soon as possible and make changes later (or on the go).  This will help get your site indexed in Google search and possibly start generating leads.  With managed website you get unlimited changes so you have plenty of time to fix and tweak until it's just right.

Change it!  This is your website and we will keep trying until it's right the way you want.  There are no contracts or commitments to your plan so we want to ensure you're happy so you stay working with us.

We will respond in a 24 - 72 hour time frame.  We do not provide an estimate for completion of changes as every request can be different.

Absolutely, if you want just simply request to do so and we will provide you a username and password to the admin area.

We can't make any guarantee's (no SEO ever should) but most of our clients see quick and steady results when working with us.  With our managed website package we will provide basic SEO work to help make your business more visible in your local area.  For more competitive and better results contact us about our premium SEO services which will help you dominate your local area.

We're confident the strategy, technique and technical knowledge isn't being used by the majority of people on the web...let alone your competition. Our websites are meticulously created to send the right signals to Google to ensure immediate placing in search results.   

Yes, please feel free to request as many content and media changes as you like.