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Whether you have a vision or need that vision brought to life our team is ready to step in and help tune your business to grow and build brand awareness in a digital world.

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Whether you already have a goal in mind or are entering the digital world for the first time, our team is ready to help step in and deliver results for your business.

Managed Websites

We'd be lying if we said it was hard to get a website these days. Truth be told, there are numerous options on the web for businesses to "have a website". What those services fail to mention is the time you'll spend to turn your website into a profitable asset.

With Sixo Media's managed website service we do everything and above to take all the guess work out of your hands and build a profitable digital business without you having to spend hours building, maintaining, and updating your site on a monthly basis.

Our low monthly option allows you to get a web presence that will help you win customers without having to spend dozens of hours in front of the screen each month, essentially allowing you to spend more time managing and building your business.

Our managed websites are truly awesome!  Unlimited changes, unlimited any time. No lengthy commitments. Let our team go to work for you today!

Managed Websites
Website Design Planning on Whiteboard

Website Design

We live for designing and digital.  Our focus on building websites is to provide two goals.

  1. Create beautiful designs that provide a positive human experience but also one with a goal in mind (conversions, email captures, phone calls etc.).
  2. Design websites with the search engine in mind. Our websites are built with a solid foundation search engines like Google love. Like a house the proper foundation is key, your website needs to communicate with search engines the right way so your business will be found online and your SEO efforts won't stall.

Regardless of how well you are versed with technology our websites provide an ease of use to create and update.

Search Engine Optimization & Local SEO

There can be a million things separating your website from being at the top or bottom of Google. Trying to manage them all internally or without experience can be a nightmare and can cause more harm then help.

We're able to provide high quality SEO work for our clients because we have streamlined our process to be productive and effective.

Whether you're just starting out or your business has been online for years you need to ask some simple questions...

Is your website outranking your competition?  Is it generating the leads you want it to?  Can your customers find you when searching for a product or service you sell?

At Sixo Media we don't stop at pushing one page to the front of Google. We work hard to develop a strategy for businesses to swallow their market with multiple pages, content and other lead generating strategies.

SEO Planning
Social Media Group Selfie

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is a powerful and perfect complement to any digital marketing campaign.  Facebook alone has over 900 million users daily and provides a robust advertising platform that can help your business spread it's message to any target demographic.

Similar to PPC advertising there is a science behind social media advertising. It involves creating ads that catch attention, convert and ultimately costs you cents on the dollar per conversion.

The most important trick to any successful social campaign is to provide good value and better content so people who are interested in your product will like, share and talk about your brand.

Search Marketing and PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC advertising gives you the opportunity to pay for top spot on search engines and other relevant websites. This helps deliver instant traffic and is the perfect way to begin (or compliment) digital marketing for your website.

PPC is a science. Important keys are finding large volumes of profitable keywords with lower CPC (cost per click) while building and maintaining a high quality score.  The right tactics can save money but provide a powerful ROI on your campaigns.

Anyone can do PPC but many advertisers don't do it properly causing higher costs. We provide a complete PPC solution as well as ongoing optimization and management for all your paid ad campaigns.

Search Traffic Results

Business Videography & Photography

The most powerful medium on the planet today is video.  EVERY...SINGLE...DAY, billions of videos are watched on YouTube making it the second largest search engine on the planet behind Google.

On top of that content generates upwards of 1200% more shares than text and images combined. There is no doubt that if you or your business don't have a video strategy you're already behind.

Video is today...but powerful photos on your website and social media platforms will separate you from your competition.  While most other agencies focus on the code we use solid on site SEO in conjunction with beautiful images and video to give your business the ability to stand out from an already crowded space.

Make the most of the emotional power of video and photography by reaching your customers needs and desires.  Provide the social proof of your product or service and trigger an emotional response unlike any other mediums on the planet.