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Learn Our Approach To Google Adwords (PPC) Management

Google Adwords and PPC advertising is one of the most lucrative, popular and complex forms of digital advertising.

All our PPC relationships are built on being transparent, blunt and brutally honest. We believe all healthy business relationships involve these.

The easiest way for Sixo Media to build trust is to create a kick butt campaign improving your performance but when you're just starting out we rely on our transparency to keep you up to date with everything we are doing.

We aren't here to make bold promises or lame excuses. Instead, we want to have a healthy relationship to help grow your business.

PPC Performance Results

How Our PPC Process Works
and How Your Business Will Grow

Discovery and

We want to learn as much about your business as possible, including details like your target audience, lifetime value of your clients, profit margins and any special products/promotions you are running or will run in the future.


One of the most important steps is learning from your competition. This step requires us to run data analysis on you and your competitors. This will help provide valuable trends that starts to build your initial strategy. 

Keyword Research,
Strategy and Build

With all the research from the previous step we begin to devise an effective PPC strategy. We'll construct and organize campaigns and ad groups to help maximize your profitability.

Monitor, Grow
and Repeat

As data begins to roll in we will continue to make adjustments to all of your campaigns and continue to improve and seek out new opportunities for your companies growth.

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Google Adwords/PPC Frequently Asked Questions

PPC is one of the most powerful advertising mediums currently in existence. You can serve ads only to the people who either are in your targeted demographic or those who have already expressed interest in your products or services via Google search query. Better yet you only pay per click and to the customers you want.  Paid search can have an enormously powerful and profitable impact on your business when done correctly.

In theory PPC is simple but executing can be complicated for a beginner.  Typically the first step in any campaign is to collect a list of keywords that will be triggered in search engines like Google.  Each keyword is then organized into relevant campaigns and groups before creation of the actual ad itself.  Then a well crafted ad and landing page is created to send targeted traffic to. 

From this concept we apply it to as many keywords as possible creating potentially hundreds of ads and then adjusting and optimizing each campaign to ensure you pay for the lower cost per click as possible.

In most scenarios...instantly. Once an agreement is reached with us we will take over management of your campaigns and create a new and revised series of advertising opportunities and objectives.  All data is accrued in real time and over the course of the PPC campaign we will adjust and improve on profitable ads.

PPC campaigns can be as expensive or inexpensive as your business sees fit.  You know your budget better then us!  After you set your budget we'll invest that budget as efficient as possible to provide the best return on investment.  The more you invest the more you'll show up higher in Adwords but it doesn't necessarily mean you'll get a higher return on investment.  

Successful campaigns start with an affordable budget, once results begin to pour in you can expand your budget into more areas if your budget justifies it.

With PPC you pick what you want to spend per click.  There are a handful of other factors associated to what you will actually pay like:

  • Relevance of your ad.
  • Your campaign structure.
  • Maximum bid cost.
  • Historical keyword performance.
  • and more...

The more you're willing to pay will help but it doesn't guarantee top spot.  A well crafted ad will provide a high quality score and cheaper cost per click.  Depending on the niche and competition for your keywords you can pay as little as a few cents...in others, upwards of $100.

Absolutely.  If you want to increase/decrease your PPC campaign at anytime we can adjust.  Simply provide us a phone call or email and we will adjust your monthly ad spend.