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Carefully Crafted Digital SEO Strategies To Address Today's Businesses.

Did you know there are over 3.5 billion searches done on Google every day? The number of people using search engines increases every year to a point of it being almost unfathomable.

In a digitised world your business needs visibility online. At Sixo Media we will help spearhead your website strategy with the right mix of technology and planning. Your website is synonymous with your brand and by missing out on higher search rank your business is losing customers daily.

First place rankings are given everyday from companies with little to no guarentee. The complex nature of Google's intelligent algorithm is making SEO more difficult by the day making it even more important to avoid shady SEO providers.

Through years of experience and our 100% white hat framework we've helped websites (big and small) get more organic traffic.

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SEO Results

Our Search Engine Optimization Process And
How SEO Will Help Drive More Business


Your website is like your home, it needs a solid foundation. Without one you may never rank or it will make things a lot more difficult to do so. Our process always starts with a website audit to fix/find things and discuss in a strategy so we can improve your rankings.


The success of any SEO campaign starts with your website and it's setup.  Without it, you're dead in the water.  Ensuring optimized meta information, schema, geo tagging, site interlinking etc will help set your site up so it doesn't stall when the offsite work begins.

Offsite Optimization,
Outreach & More

Where the needle starts to move, our offsite techniques involve ethical tactics and sending all the right signals to your website to ensure growth and limit damage. Gone are the days of spamming thousands of links, today you need the right mix of everything.

Monitoring and

SEO is an ongoing process and it involves continued monitoring and tweaks to keep your position and results.  Monthly reports along with updated content and continued offsite strategies will continue to help drive more traffic, and more importantly, clients to you.

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SEO Frequently Asked Questions

It's pretty straight forward, you get what you pay for.  If you find SEO marketing for rock-bottom prices then you are putting your companies website at risk.  Low cost SEO providers cut corners which can penalize your website.  Good SEO requires good planning and the right approach to sustain your websites position and growth. Each campaign is different based on the niche you deal in and our SEO company can help no matter how big or small your business is.

Truth be told there is no definitive answer.  Some companies in smaller niches see results quicker compared to more competitive niches.  Our suggestion for all companies is to work hand in hand with a solid PPC campaign while SEO takes effect.

To the average user it may not seem like anything has changed but Sixo Media provides comprehensive reporting through tools like Google Analytics to ensure you are getting a return on your investment.  We provide monthly reports for all of our SEO campaigns as well as an open approach to what we are doing on a month to month basis.  You will know clearly what is being done and what to expect months in advance.

When a search page delivers results it usually is split into two parts nationally and three parts locally.  Organic rankings refer to the Google search results that are determined to be the best and most relevant content related to the users search query.

Paid results (or PPC) are advertisements typically though Google's advertising platform called Adwords.  These results will show above the organic rankings but cost every-time someone clicks on an ad. The price paid is dependent on a number of factors.


In local niches and search queries Google will display what's called the Map Pack.  These will show the top 3 results for businesses related to the users search query. On mobile (and in most cases desktop) the map pack will almost always show above the organic rankings.  Look below for an example.

Search Engine Results Page Explained