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Social Media is unlike any other medium on the market today with it's ability to pinpoint a specific target audience.

Imagine being able to market to something so specific as a 35 year old man that likes crossfit, has two kids, has an income of 75k+, is a heavy duty mechanic and lives less then 15 km from your business? With Sixo Media we can reach him!

The power of social can help accelerate your brand and keep pace in a digital environment that's crucial for your long-term success.

At Sixo Media we use data and insights to create the right content that sends the right message to the right people. With this as our foundation we can build memorable emotional connections that help amplify results across multiple social mediums.

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The Approach

Today more then ever friends, family, news, and brands are competing simultaneously in a digital world to attract consumer attention.

It's important first and foremost to determine what your brand can provide it's audience and what will make them take notice.

Will they share on Facebook? Will they like on Instagram? Will they re-tweet on twitter? How is your content different (or better) from your competitors?

Answering those questions will begin a deep look into how consumers are, or could be, communicating and congregating with your brand.

Results are achieved with a single shared objective across multiple mediums through a strategy using data and

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