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Mobile friendly and fully equipped to be loved in the eyes of Google.

Custom and responsive web design for corporate, small business, startups and nonprofits.

Your website isn't just an online business card, it's the best salesmen and most important lead generation tool for your business.

We'll be honest. It seems everyone and their Grandma can build a website today. With inexpensive SAAS services on the market there definitly is something for everyone.

So why get Sixo Media to create you a custom WordPress website?

It's simple. All of our websites are built on a foundation for the search engine. That means when built and launched you can expect your website to have the proper tools in place to rank higher in Google and Google Maps. Something a lot of other cheaper/monthly paid subscriptions lack.

We're happy to explain the difference on why custom work will always out perform the rest.

Completed Web Design Job

Harder Working Websites For You

All of Sixo Media's websites are built to rank better and provide more functionality for your business.  Each website we build gives you complete control and comes equipped with everything needed to rank higher and capture more leads at no extra cost.  Truth be told...our websites are more then just websites.

Mobile Friendly Design Complete
Responsive Web Design on iPhone

Meet Your Customers Where They Are.

A well-designed website is the first step in generating increased customer traffic. Easy navigation, quality content and mobile readiness (making it look good across all devices) are the first steps with any online business. A beautiful, functional website is something consumers will come back to again and again.

A website is a great tool to help perpetuate your image. At Sixo Media we can help you translate your business into a functional website that will be both familiar and welcoming to your customers new and old.

If you're looking for a Grande Prairie website design company to take your business to the next level or you're still unsure whether your business needs a website, contact us for a free, no obligation consult and learn more about why a professional website is essential for any business.

Our Web Design Process

Our web design process

Initial Consult

Our first meeting will involve a lot of questions.  These questions are designed to help us get a better understanding of your style preferences but also understand what makes your business tick. Any content, artwork or other information for your business that you can bring will help and speed up our design process.

Website Planning Stage 2

Architecture/Visual Design

After our initial consult the fun begins.  We use our SEO based foundation to layout your pages and properly optimize your content. After this step we move into the visual portion and will provide a visual layout of your website (with a max of two revisions). Once complete your website begins to come to life.

Website Development Completion

Development and Launch

The final step of the process and we handle it from here.  Coding begins with the design and layout agreed upon and shortly your website will be uploaded to your webserver. To finalize we connect your website to Google Search Console and make final adjustments for all search engines to crawl/find it.

Web Design Frequently Asked Questions

It's difficult to provide a definitive answer as every web design job is different. However, if you're looking to lower you costs one of the best ways to do so is being prepared before consulting with us.  The more information you bring to us the easier it will be for us to finish your website design.  Grande Prairie and area clients who are looking for a quote should contact us immediately via booking a meeting (and we'll call you at a suitable time) or by calling us at 587-882-6023

It will depend on the complexity of the website but most small business sites will see a turn around time of less then 30 days!  Please keep in mind this timeline is dependent on content being delivered (we can write this for you!), your artwork and any other necessary information we need to complete.

It's important to have your content or an idea of it organized.  Once the website is complete any design changes, additions or subtractions to the site will be subject to charge.

This is totally up to you!  If you're looking to take charge of your website we provide some simple YouTube instructional videos on how to use your website to update and create content.  For more detailed training you can schedule us for a simple Skype consultation and we'll share (and record) our training for you so you can ask any questions you have.

If managing the website isn't for you check out our affordable managed website option.

Yes you do 100%.  All website and design files are owned by you and if you decide you'd like to move your website to a different host or company we will provide you with everything you need to do so.

Please note however that the moment the website is no longer on our hosting account it will cease to have the use of our premium plugins associated with it and you'll need to purchase licenses for them as you see fit.

Every website we create comes with the option of managed hosting. Our hosting packages start at $50 a month** and offer a worry free experience for you and your website.  All our managed hosting include:

  • Server management. We take the hassle out of all things tech for your business.
  • Website backups. Daily backups so you don't ever lose your data.
  • Website/server security. Your website and server will remain up to date with the latest security patches and fixes.
  • Upgrades to your server and website. Free updates for the CMS and all plugins associated with it.
  • Premium Email API. To many times website servers emails get flagged for spam, with us you never have to worry with our premium API.
  • Premium Plugins and Software Access. Access to all our premium plugins with free updates for as long as you remain on our hosting account.
  • Monitoring.  While it rarely happens on our platform, the moment your website is unresponsive we'll know and within seconds and will begin working immediately to remedy it.
  • Domain Registration/Renewal. Let us handle all your domain registration and renewals.
  • All that and much more! Our managed hosting lets you focus on your business while we handle all tech related to your website and webserver.  

*  We also provide managed email hosting and management with Exchange/Google for an additional charge.  Contact us to learn more.

** If your website requirements exceed the entry level package there will be an additional fee.  Websites that involve large amounts of data (like real estate MLS listings) will require more processing power. Please contact us for more information.