Best Web Design Sites For June 2017

By Darren Walker, June 29, 2017 at 11:32 AM
Best Web Design Sites For June 2017

We’re back with our monthly feature showcasing what we feel is some of the best web designed sites on the web. Each month we take a look at some of the latest sites we’ve come across that have caught our eye not just for design and ux but also for the message it sends (whether it’s fun, political, etc). Without further ado, here are some of the favourite sites we stumbled upon on the web when we we’re trying to stay busy but got distracted instead.

Our Top Web Sites for June 2017

Searching For Syria
Best Web Designed Sites For June 2017, Searching For Syria
After having stumbled across this site and almost instantly being visually impressed I sat back and spent a great deal of time on it. The website Searching For Syria provides a run down on the war in Syria, what life like used to be like and also portrays some incredible stories from individuals still living within it’s borders. We’ve all heard of the war on Syria living in North America but I would argue to many of us know to little about it.

This website provides an amazing guide to learn more about the conflict happening and what we all can do to help. The imagery used throughout is stunning and seeing some of the before and after shots is jaw dropping and worth the visit alone.

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Evert 45
Best Web Designed Sites For June 2017, Evert 45
I really loved this website. As a web designer it’s amazing to see websites like this. It’s visually stunning but the thought behind it is what separates it from the rest. Evert 45 was built for today’s society to help share an incredible message and story from World War II and what it was like for individuals during those times. The story is about a young boy named Evert who sets out to find his lost brother during the War when Germany occupied the area, the spin of it all is it’s taken with today in mind and the use of social media.

Evert uses social media to vlog and capture images of his journey as he sets out in search of his long lost brother. It’s a very unique take on what life was like but imagining what it would have been with the power of social media today.

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Best Web Designed Sites For June 2017, Interland
I wasn’t sure what this website really was until a spent a few minutes playing around with it. While I initially thought it was built to help educate children about how to protect yourself and have fun on the internet I realized it’s probably for anyone given that amount of adults who still have troubles understanding somethings online.

Interland is an interactive game made in conjunction with Google to help provide a fun way to learn about how to “Be Awesome” on the internet. If you find yourself with some spare time or want to help educate others on the internet then send them here, it’s a fun and interactive way (game) that helps provide some simple advice on how you can enjoy being online that much more.

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Legs of Steel
Best Web Designed Sites For June 2017, Legs of Steel
The Legs of Steel website isn’t something that is out of the ordinary like some of the others above but while it may not focus on reinventing the web design wheel so to speak it does provide an amazing experience for visual. The website was built to advertise a production company for skiers by skiers. While not spending a great deal on the website’s sub pages I didn’t have to, the call to action video that you’re greeted with upon landing on site was enough to justify how incredible the work on the website is.

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A Ghost Store
Best Web Designed Sites For June 2017, A Ghost Store
I wasn’t quite sure what this website was about upon first visit but upon landing on it I thought I could buy an actual ghost costume. Shortly after I realized it was built for an upcoming movie release called “A Ghost Story”. The visuals and style of the website were excellent but still unsure what the overall point of the message is (but hey I’m a designer not a movie maker).

Still if you have some time to spare check out the site and watch the trailer.

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